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New craft number 9 – Loom Weaving

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Craft number 9, I actually started this months and months ago, but had it as one of my many works in progress.  I saw the pictures on my desk last week, and decided that I needed something colourful near my desk.  Time to dig this out of the bag, and actually finish it!

This craft has been on my to do list for a long time, after buying a loom at Festiwool in 2016……….I know I’m not the only person to do this, so fast forward nearly 18 months later, when I started this weave.

I’ve bought a couple of looms at various wool shows and one off Amazon, and fully had the intention to weave something, then forgetting as the crochet buzz took over.  But today was different, armed with my very old purchase, and a free kit from Mollie Makes Magazine, the pink one and I had a go.


First – to warp my loom (I sound all professional), but it’s wrapping the threads you are going to weave through, through the frame.

How neat does this look?

Then onto the actual weaving.

In principal it’s pretty easy to get your head around.  Left to right needs to go over different threads to when you right to left (or you just undo what you’ve already done!)

I did about 5 rows of a white before going on to tassels.

These were made by looping the threads around 2 of the warp strings, and pulling down to the bottom.  I think they look pretty effective.

What I learnt pretty quickly when I went back to the weaving side to side, was that if you try and go across in a straight line and push the strings down, the end warp threads are pulled in and your weave goes a little lopsided.  You can fix this by making a moon shape before you pull the thread down with the little comb.

You can see here that the pink one was on a roll, weaving backwards and forwards, but she didn’t do the moon-shape! (It’s still beautiful!).

So this is where I tried to get a little fancy, not doing whole rows to see what it would look like.

Then onto some more texture.  Yarns of different thicknesses and colours.

I carried on, and really liked the different effects the different yarn textures gave.

And this is where I dug it out of its WIP bag, abandoned for 6 months!  So after the desk photos, it was time to finish- even better I’d of course bought more yarn, so more choice to use!

Time to add some Cygnet Barley in Super chunky, and King Cole Timeless which is 10% alpaca (The dark grey one to the bottom left)


I love the barley pop of colour, and the speed at which it was weaved being super chunky.

Time to trim the tassels, before……

and after.

Next was how to display it.  I’d picked up some beautiful drift wood when I went to the beach over the school holidays……. but could I find the wood?  No, of course I couldn’t so I improvised.  1 huge crochet hook!

Luckily, it was school pick up time, and the pink one remembered where the wood was, so back to plan A.  Here it it, pride of place above my desk.

Now I think this gives me an idea of what I can do for a couple more crafts.   Watch this space.


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