12 New Crafts

New Craft Number 8 – Silver Clay

I had the summer off, no new crafts at all, too much entertaining the little people in the school holidays, so to be honest, not much crochet was actually done either.

Luckily, I’d got a head start on my crafts, one a month was needed to get to 12 by the end of the year, but by July I was on 7. Now it’s October, and I’m only on number 8, so I think I need to play catch up!

So last week, I went to a great Silver Clay workshop.  I’d wanted to do this craft for a very long time, about March 2017 to be exact, when the Comic relief and Mollie Makes Crafternoon book came out, and there were these amazing pendants from leaf impressions in it.

We only had a tiny amount of clay, enough to make one pendant, and maybe some ear rings if we were lucky.

The tutor was really good at telling us what to do, and when to open the clay.  You only have about 30 minutes maximum working time with the clay before it’s dried out, so we practiced with playdough!

Note the playing cards too – these were to show us how thin we needed to roll the playdough and clay.

I’d raided my garden looking for leaves to make impressions in the clay, but the tutor had brought along some ferns, and some moulds too.

You can only just see it – but there is a rose leaf imprint, and then a fern too.

The tip here was make the imprint, then use the cutter to see what shape you want.

It wasn’t long before I’d decided what I was making for my main pendant, so I set to work with the clay.

Very quickly, rolling out the clay, making the impressions and cutting the shapes.

Then when everyone else was ready, into the oven for 10 minutes.

Then, we drilled the holes, and sanded the edges before the blow torching.

Then the magic reveal with wire brushes and sand paper.

These are my little pendants, the big one, you’ll have to wait for that one.

I really enjoyed this craft, and can see myself investing in some more clay, after learning how to make these ear rings and a small pendant for the pink one.

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