Being more productive – Reason 1

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Have you noticed how much more productive I’m become over the last few weeks?

Well there are two very good reasons for this.  It’s made a huge difference to me and my crochet designing and blogging.

Do you want to know what they are?

Reason 1

It’s all thanks to Amazon and Prime day.  I’d been umming and arrghhing about investing in an Macbook for I don’t know how long.  One of the lovely rose gold ones, but its a lot of money, so not something to jump straight in to.

I use an iMac on my desk, to type things up, so did I really need a new computer? Here is my desk,  again, I’ve been meaning to share my desk, as I’m very proud of it – as I designed it myself.

It’s made from reclaimed scaffolding boards,  steel hairpin legs and and has a handy shelf for the keyboard.

Note the huge space under the keyboard shelf too.

Well this is super handy storage for my note books and cameras, and diaries (Yes I still use a paper diary!)

Check out my little pumpkins – all made from this pattern 

And the little sloth from my pattern in Simply Crochet too.

And my little cactus pin cushions (I still need to write the pattern up)

Anyway, back to what has changed……..

I thought it would be really helpful for my many hours at swimming pools, I could take my blog with me and type while the little people swim, but then that would impact on my crochet time.

Talking of which, I’m working on a new wreath, based on Lucy’s from Attic 24, but different yarns, different patterns, and different colours.  I’m teaching a workshop on it too, we are currently on week 4.

Anyway, I digress.  The whole reason for my productivity come down to one simple thing.

I invested in a Chrome Book when it was only £99 on Amazon Prime day!

It means I can sit on the sofa, crochet in my hands, Chrome book on my lap, and my trusty backgrounds for photos on my lap (It’s some wood painted white).

But I have just invested in some flat lay photo back drops, which are perfect for the size of crochet I seem to make.  Theres a white wood (Like my planks), a darker wood (like my dining room table), and a marble effect which I’m favouring currently!

I also bought a new handy little camera, that takes better photos than my iPhone, but its little enough to sit in my little work space.  It’s a Panasonic Lumix, again from Amazon.

The Chromebook is brilliant, and even has a handy little slot for the SD card to fit in, so super handy for photos, which then are stored on my google drive – so I can access them anywhere!

So I can type as I make, patterns wise, saving them in Google Docs, so again, I can get them anywhere, and even better they automatically save!

It’s made a world of difference to the patterns I design,  for my blogging, and the workshops I teach.  (Now instead of being sat in notebooks waiting ro be written up, they are on my googledrive!)

Reason 2…… well you’ll have to wait for that

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