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Sunflower Applique Pattern

If you read my last post, you’d of seen we went to a local sunflower field as a trip in the school holidays, and I just had to come home and have a little play with some yarn.

(Where has the summer gone, just realised I didn’t post this, after spending the time writing it, the last post it mentions is a few back!)

Now what I did notice on close up inspection of the particular breed of sunflower my sunflower sommielier had picked for me, was that the middle of the sunflower is actually green!

I had a quick look on pinterest to see what other sunflowers there were, but all seemed a little small for what I was after.

So I duly sat down, whilst the little people watched some telly, and had a little play with some yarn.


It wasn’t long at all before I had my middle sorted, and then the petals needed some attention.

So who wants a pattern then?

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As with most of my patterns, you can get the advert free, nicely formatted downloadable PDF here at Etsy, Ravelry or Lovecrochet.

Sunflower Pattern

3.5mm hook

Stylecraft special DK in Walnut, Khaki

Cygnet DK in Barley


Tapestry needle

Fancy making an Autumnal Pumpkin?  Head over here for my free patterns.

Abbreviations – USA Terms used.


Ch – Chain

DC – Double crochet

HDC – Half double crochet

SC – Single Crochet

SS – Slip Stitch


Tension – tension is not important in this project, but a consistent stitch tension would aid your project.  


To make:

Using Khaki, and 3.5mm hook, make a magic loop and chain 2 (counts as a st throughout).

Round 1: 9 HDC in the ring SS to join (continue to SS to join). [10 sts]

Round 2: Ch2, 1 HDC in the base of the chain.  2 HDC in each st all the way around. [20 sts] Fasten off.

Round 3:  Join Walnut in the top of one of the sts.  Ch2, 1 HDC in the base of the chain. 1 HDC in the next st, (2 HDC in the next st, 1 HDC in the next st) repeat 8 times. [30 sts]

Round 4: Ch3, 1 DC in next st, 1 DC in next 2 sts, (2 DC in next st, 1 DC in next 2 sts) repeat 8 times.  Fasten off. [40 sts]

Round 5:  Join Barley, (ch13, in the 3rd chain from the hook, ss, SC in the next 3 sts, HDC in the next 3 sts, DC in the next 3 sts, Double DC in the last chain, join the petal to the brown using a SC, skipping 1 SC).  Repeat 18 times, turn. [19 petals]

Round 6: (Ch10, ss in the 2nd ch from the hook, SC in the next 2 sts, HDC in the next 2 sts, DC in the next 3 sts, Double DC in the last sts  SC to the brown ensuring you attach the previous petal by SS around the the Double DC of the previous round.)  Repeat 18 more times [19 petals]

It will look like this after round 5, but this doesn’t have enough petals.

So add round 6, and it looks even more curly!

Now time for the all important blocking, where you can see the benefits of a mat vs a board.

Then I used some Starch spray, the same type you’d use for collars of shirts, that can be bought here at Amazon (UK).  There was no way this acrylic yarn was going to stay put after being unpinned without it!

So here you go, two sunflowers, one crochet, one real, both beautiful.

free large easy sunflower crochet pattern

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