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Pete the 30 minute/ 1 ball Pumpkin

Happy Autumn everyone.  Now this to me signifies the end of the summer, the end of sunny days, and almost certainly a time when I want to hibernate.

I’ll be in bed, or struggling to stay awake from when it starts to get dark.  It means cosy nights in front of the fire, under lots of crochet blankets.

It also means I can pull out all of my scarves and hats, and start seeing what else I can make for the new “woolly” season.

But today, well it’s all about pumpkins, and crochet ones of course!

Last year, about this time I made Percy the Pumpkin, and a mighty fine little pumpkin he is too.  He’s been sat by my computer all year, but Sunday morning was cold and raining here in England, and large chunky wool was calling me………  Roll on Pete the One Ball Pumpkin.

He only takes about 30 minutes, and is huge, a lot taller than Percy.

Cygnet Super chunky (I made mine with Russet, but burnt orange would be great too)

10mm hook (UK)  

Yarn needles for Super chunky wool

Some toy stuffing

A stitch marker (If you don’t want to count a lot).

USA Terms

SC- Single Crochet

2SCtog – single crochet 2 together

Pete is worked in the amigurumi method, of a continuous spiral.

Make a magic loop, and chain 1.  6SC in the magic loop.

Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch [12sts]

Round 3: 2SC in the first sc, 1 sc in the next.  Repeat 5 more times [18sts]

Round 4: 2SC in the first SC, 1 SC in the next 2 sts. Repeat 5 more times. [24 sts]

Round 5: 2SC in the first SC, 1 SC in the next 3 SC,  Repeat 5 more times. [30sts]

Round 6-11: 1SC in each SC. [30 sts]

(The ends of the pumpkin will start to curve upwards).

(Now onto making Pete smaller.)

Round 12: 2sctog, 1 SC in next 3 SC.  Repeat 5 more times. [24 sts]

Round 13: 2SCtog, 1 SC in the next 2SC.  Repeat 5 more times. [18 sts]

Stuff your Pumpkin.

Round 14: 2SCtog, 1SC in the next stitch.  Repeat 5 more times. [12sts]

Round 15 and to close: Stuff a little bit more, then 2SCtog until the hole is closed.  Fasten off LEAVING A LARGE TAIL!

Why a large tail, well this is where it changes from a round ball to a pumpkin.

Using a needle (and I can’t recommend these enough), sew straight through the middle of the pumpkin.

Now you are going to dissect your pumpkin into 6 segments, by sewing in a big circle around the ball shape.  You can attach the threads in place, but making sure you sew through them on the next round.

See my six lines?  Well you need to pull your yarn pretty tight to make sure you get the indents.

The top, well I had debates about this, and decided on a brown stalk, like a pumpkin thats been picked for a while.  I think if I’d gone burnt orange I’d have gone green stalk.

Using 3 different browns (Or greens), and an 8mm hook.

Make a magic loop, Chain 1, and make 4 sc in the loop.

Rows 2-5: 1sc in each SC [4sc]

Fasten off, leaving a long end for sewing.  Stuff the top with the ends from the magic loop.  Sew the stalk to the top of the pumpkin.  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Hey presto……. Pete the 1 ball pumpkin, and he only took 30 minutes too!


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