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Crochet Sofa Arm Cover Pattern

Now here is something I didn’t think I would ever be making, a crocheted, sofa arm cover, a request from Mr OTH too!

Where to begin with this.

I almost started this last week, with some chunky yarn I had left over, but when I asked for an opinion, we couldn’t decide on the colour.  So I parked the idea for a week, before finally deciding what to do.

Firstly, why do we need a crochet arm cover, well, we got a new sofa (I call it new but it’s 8 months old now!), and for the whole time Mr OTH has had a tea- towel placed on the arm to stop him spilling things on the new fabric.

I decided to go a little retro here, and used the good old granny square again.

I was given a ball of Robin DK, in a secret yarn swap, and I thought suddenly “hey, that might work”.

So I plodded on with granny squares, just measuring them against the size of the arm, and stopping with them being a little too small to ensure a snug fit.

In this case, I needed squares of 6 rounds each.

How do you do your granny squares?  I do a chain 4 to start, followed by chain 2 in the corners, and chain 1 on the side, with the usual 3 US double crochet/ UK treble crochets in the corners.

I made a 7 plain grey squares, then decided it needed a bit of colour!

I dug into my ever growing stash and found some blues that I quite liked.

So rounds 1 and 2 made in blue for 3 squares.

Then to sew/ crochet them together, I used Slip Stitching (SS) with the Back Loop Only (BLO) to give a flat look.

You need to sew them together in the following way.  What I forgot to add on the diagram, is the blue squares are the last vertical line to the right!

Then, a bit more colour needed, so I did one row of US single / UK double crochet around the whole edge in the light blue followed by a row of HDC/ HTr in the darker blue, and hey presto…….

One very retro sofa arm cover.

crochet sofa arm cover

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