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The Starburst Granny cushion


I’ve been very prodcutive lately, but can only share some things with you at certain times.   This time, I made a gift for a friend.

A friend who is moving away, and has the contents of 2 houses to fit into one – so they really didn’t need a housewarming present, but I wanted to get them something, so after a lot of deciding, I went with a starburst granny cushion.

My friends favourite colour is green, anything in green, so the colour choice was easy peasy this time.

Now, what I hadn’t shared before, is that I actually started this cushion while the blue one was in hospital having some tests.  We’d travelled all the way to London (remember the Summer holidays and the trip to London, well this was why), and while we waited, he played on an iPad, and I began to crochet.

I got a surprisingly lot completed for a few hours.  (I was unsure of the starbursts, so tried a granny sqaure instead for a bit).

Starburst Granny Squares and the traditional granny, in two greens and a cream (all stylecraft brand).

Luckily we were home in a few hours so I plodded on as normal.

Lots of beautiful green squares later, and a few posh photos (for Instagram…rather than the ones with my knees in!)

All the squares were blocked, and then crocheted together – my new favourite way of joining.

In the case, Single crochet (USA Terms), through the BLO (Back Loop Only), when they are put back sides together to give a raised seam.

Want to see the finished cushion cover?

And the back (before crocheted together in the same way).

The best news it was very well recevied, she absolutely loved it!

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