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The heatwave and a crochet glass cover

The UK is in the midst of a super heatwave, and I adore the hot weather, and we’ve had it for 2 months now.  It may surprise you to read this, but in the UK, we never have weather like this, the last hot summer on record was 1976 – before I was born!

It’s 32 degrees today, and the usual temperature is about 24 degrees.  If we got a temperature of over 20 degree for over half of the school summer holidays we’d be over the moon!  So this is rare.

We had rain for a whole day last weekend, typically the one day we were outside all day, and it was cold, but honestly this is the first rain we’d seen in the south of England in about 2 months.

The ground is all cracked, the wheat fields are all dry, and some harvested already, the grass in the gardens is now just yellow and dead.

My dogs are feeling the heat, so we walk early, or go to walks where there is water, and Monty just goes and stands in the water to cool down (and then has to get out again……).

Well, last week saw the arrival of the wasps.  Loads of them, absolutely everywhere, and the UK not being ready for this kind of weather, we do not generally have air conditioning in our houses – because it never gets this hot!

So we have all the windows and doors open to try and cool the houses down but this then gives the wasps an easy route in, where they seem to find any drink and buzz around before helping themselves to your drink!

So, in my attempt to prevent Mr Wasp (and all his friends), I’ve made a glass cover, using crochet and beads of course!

You will need:

Scrap of yarn and appropriate hook size.  I’ve used Hobbycraft Cotton blend plain, and a 5.0mm Clover hook

8 pony beads


tapestry needle

Abbreviations (USA Terms Used)

CH – Chain

DC – Double crochet

HDC – half double crochet

SC – Single crochet

SS – Slip Stitch

To make:

Thread your beads onto your yarn.

Make a magic loop

Round 1: Ch2 (counts a st throughout), 7 HDC in the loop, ss to top of the ch2 to join [8 sts]

Round 2: Ch3, 1 DC in the base of the chain, 2DC in each st around. [16sts]

Round 3: Ch3, 1 dc in base if chain, ch 1,  *skip 1 stitch, 2DC in next st, ch1 * repeat [16 sts]

Round 4: * Ch4, move one bead up to next to the hook, chain around the bead (securing it in place), Ch4, SC in the Ch 1 gap from the previous round * repeat 7 more times.

(Note the yarn chicken fail……. and attempt number 2 below)

Fasten off, weave in ends.

Block (Just look at the difference – new blog on blocking coming soon)


2 thoughts on “The heatwave and a crochet glass cover

  1. What a brilliant idea! Like a milk jug cover.
    And I’m sure I’ve told you before: if you’re going to survive summer, do it like us Aussies… get aircon!!!

    1. Yep but more importantly for wine! Aircon, Mr oth currently investigating and getting quotes – heatwave predicted to last until October!

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