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School holidays

Not only are we still in a bit of heatwave, at 25 degrees today I’m not complaining, we are in the middle of the 6 week school holidays we get every year, which means amusing the pink one and the blue one, and unfortunately not too much crochet.

We’ve been to London already for the day.

Look at poor old Big Ben with its scaffolding on.

We’ve been to the beach where I grew up.

They’ve swum in a very cold Solent, while watching the boats for Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight sail past.

We’ve dog walked at dusk on a different part of the beach, and then let the dogs go crazy on the same part of the beach.

We’ve even gone to Wrest Park, a great English Heritage site, that was no end of fun, from secret tunnels in the Folly, to good old tree climbing, and finding another rock.

Today saw us visit a Pop up Farm, I’ve never heard of such a thing, but after watching the BBC weather forecast from a local farm yesterday morning we decided to go along and have a look.

This isn’t you usual type of farm, this is a sunflower farm for the next 3 weeks, then hopefully a pumpkin farm.

The blue one decided that he didn’t want to go, then when we arrived there, I’ve never seen him move so fast as to get to the straw bale maze!  He stayed there for ages, it was great fun.

With running, jumping, and hide and seek, such a simple idea kept them amused for ages!

Then the sunflowers, just look at how stunning this field is.

Sunflowers in all different stages of flowering.

Slightly open

Fully open

We had 7 harvested for us, by a Sunflower Sommelier!  (Nope – I’ve never heard of one either, but he was very good at picking flowers).


Lets just say I have a lots of inspiration currently from these beautiful flowers, so a new pattern is coming soon!

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