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Large crochet bumble Bee Pattern

Where has time gone?  I made these cool bees back in April, and its only now I’m sat here thinking about typing them up, and sharing the pattern with you.

Why a bee?  Well, there was a campaign on instagram for #pollencounts, where @seriously.hooked.up asked for crochet and knitted bees to raise awareness that we need bees.  Anyone seen Bee Movie?  It was a firm favourite in my house for a whole summer a few years ago, but it did highlight the issue of bees, and that we really need them.  The campaign was also to set a world record hopefully, and I’m a great one for a world record (remember the blanket I made a couple of years ago).

So about this time, I was making a cardigan that was going less than smoothly, and I just needed a break from it.  Now I love Super Chunky Yarn – why?  Well it makes things so so so quickly is why!

I raided my stash, and found some perfect yarn.

I even typed the pattern up as a I went – this was a bit of a novelty for me, and I was very proud of myself, until I closed the file down before saving it!  Yep, a complete error, so I’ve had to make another one to show you how they are made.

You will need:

Cygnet Seriously chunky yarn in Mustard, Cream and Black

10mm hook


Toy safety eyes

Needle (These are perfect for super chunky yarn)


To Make (USA TERMS):

Working in the round.  Each round finishes with a ss to join at the top of the chain 2.

Using mustard make a magic loop

Round 1: Ch2, 5HDC in loop, pull tight. [6]

Round 2: Ch2, 1HDC in base of chain, 2 hdc in every stitch. [12]

Round 3: Ch2, 1HDC in each st. (Do the last yarn over in black). [12]

Round 4: Ch2, 1 HDC in each st.  (Do the last YO in Mustard). [12]

Round 5: Ch2, 1HDC in each st. (Do the last YO in black). [12]

Round 6: Ch2, 1 HDC in each.  (Do the last YO in Mustard. [12]

Round 7: Ch2, 2hdc tog all the way round.  [6]

Add the eyes, and stuff your bee.

Round 8: Ch2 2hdc tog until the bee is closed.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

Sew a mouth on using black yarn if you’d like.

Wings – make 2

Using cream and a 10mm hook.

Row 1: Ch3, 4hdc in the first chain,

Row 2: Ch2, 1 HDC in base of chain, 2 HDC in each st to end [10]

Fasten off, leaving ends long enough to sew the wings on to the bee.

Position the wings half way down the bees body, and sew them on the sides, about 3 stitches apart.

You’ve hopefully got a bee who looks very similar to this!

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3 thoughts on “Large crochet bumble Bee Pattern

    1. Thank you. I bought them a while ago, and was going to use them on something else, but then realised they look the same way! Cute for the bees though – I agree!

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