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So this post is a little background, as to why I made my next blog post……. very confusing order, but it does make perfect sense really to me anyway, and I wanted to give you the chance to use the discount code (offthehook) to get 10% off any order at Rito Hobby before it runs out on the 5th September, and to enter my first ever Giveaway below too!

It all came about after the lovely people at Rito Hobby got in touch, and asked if I’d like to make something with some of their yarn.  They are a Danish brand, who’ve just launched in the in the UK, and tbh I’d never heard of Rito Hobby, but a quick browse on their website (I mean, it was only 3 hours – a bit like Pinterest!), getting completly distracted by all these wonderful products and brands I’d never seen before, and I knew I just had to make something.

But what?   Infinity Hearts was a brand I’ve never heard of, and their yarn was just drawing me in!  I love cotton yarn, and the multipack looked amazing value, but I went with the Dahlia T- shirt yarn, and making a basket for my bike! (see the next post for the pattern, and detailed photos).

Like all T-shirt yarns , they vary so much depending on what fabric they are made from, so I can only comment on this actual one I have in my hands.

This bobbin / spool is absolutely huge at 130-150m!  It made not only my bike basket, but I have enough left over to make a plant pot cozy too.

The yarn has little flecks of white in  it which give it a  great texture too.

The label on the back said 8-10mm hook (again – t-shirt yarns vary so much), so knowing I needed a really tight tension to keep the basket shape, I went with the smaller, an 8mm hook which I’d Fimo’d myself.

One of the best features of this yarn, it’s centre pull!  You have no idea how happy this makes me!  No big ball rolling all over the floor, it’s stays put in a nice shape, and just magically makes it way onto your hook.

Like all t-shirt yarn, you have to assess what the hook size it needs as it’s worked with, and my instinct of an 8mm was right.

It started working up really quickly, and thetesture of the yarn really added to the look I was after.

To be honest, it only took about 2 hours, and lots of arm muscles to make the basket (Which is now blocking), but I wanted to share this great discount code with you – enter offthehook at the checkout on RitoHobby and get 10% off! 

I was given this yarn to make the basket, but all opinions are my own, and I would recommend this particular one (It’s one of the mint mixes)to anyone looking for a quality t-shirt yarn at a good price.

I have 1 huge spool/ bobbin to give away, along with buttons, stitch markers and a handmade leather tag from RitoHobby – so head over to my instagram account to enter (closes 3rd September 9pm BST).


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