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The Granny Pop Bag


So I finally finished my bag!  Want to see it?

Made just out of granny squares, it’s even been out for a few outings already too – you can read about the making process here!

So the last time you saw it, it was waiting patiently for a delivery from the postman.

Namely, the handles for the bag, but also it needed a lining.

I just cut 2 squares of calico, using the old technique of laying the fabric over the top of the bag to gauge the size.  Then I seamed them together on the sewing machine, and ironed the seams flat, before turning the lining so the seams wouldn’t be seen.

I then had the horrible task of hand sewing the lining into place, but what it did mean was that I neatly fold the lining, and ensure no raw ends were showing.

Look how neat it looks!

Then for the handles, now here is the thing with these, I sewed them in place, very happy with the results, then I saw on Instagram, Mandy from  @redagapecrochet had used them completely differently…. I wonder which way is right or if its just a personal preference?  I think in hindsight, I’d have sewn them on very differently if I’d see the other picture first!

Want to see the finished bag?

Amazing what can be made from 13 granny squares of 6 rounds each, 2 half granny squares, lining and some handles!

The perfect project for a beginner!

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