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Granny pop bag

I know I can’t be the only one that does this, I seem to start so many things, finish them, and I’m already onto the next project and it’s either finished or complete, before I even think about updating my blog and telling people about it.  I seem to rely more and more heavily on Instagram rather than blogging to tell people wha I’m up too.  I think because it’s so instantaneous, and the lazy part of me doesn’t really want to sit and type.  But as I said back in January I wanted to get more regular with blogging (and it hasn’t happened- life got in the way), but I am going to try!

So anyway, about a month ago (edit – abut 2 months ago now), I took part in a secret yarn swap group that I’d found on Instagram run by @aboatfulofwool for UK people only.   Basically, you make a parcel up from your stash of about £15 work of yarn, and some other nice crafty goodies you might have lying around.  You are then paired with someone, and you send your surprise parcel to them, and they send one to you.  It’s brilliant as who doesn’t like to receive a present in the post?

So my yarn parcel arrived, and it was lovely!  From a lady called @crochet_jayne.

Of course the sweets were eaten first before the children got home!

But the yarn…… what am I going to do with these?  I have plans for the bamboo cotton, so that one was sorted. The super chunkys will have to wait for winter now – bizarrely we are in the middle of heatwave in the UK.  Let me tell you, if you are visiting the UK now, and are thinking at 27 degrees C is normal….. you are very much mistaken!

The yellow and pink yarn cakes caught my eye………but they needed something else.

Add a pop of blue and perfect!  Now I had in my head that I had some bag handles in my stash, so I made a bag to go with these handles…… unfortunately I’d remembered the actual design of the handle wrong, so I’ve been waiting for some others to arrive from China before I can post about this bag.

I started with granny squares.

Alternating the colours.

The weather was obviously nice this day too and I sat and crocheted outside on my sunken deck.


I will never learn about sewing in ends, I thought I had with the Sunshine blanket I made back in January, but it seems “old habits die hard”

Then I hit a brick wall.  I’d run out of blue, but managed to find one that didn’t notice it was different.  But did I want to carry on the repeating pattern, or add another colour?

I ummm and arrrgghhhh.  I asked on Instagram, and I still couldn’t really decide.

A week later after ignoring all the granny squares in the corner, I finally made a decision.

We we’re going with black!  Decision made, squares were finished that very morning!

Then to sew them all together.  Remember this is going to be a bag at this point.  It took a bit of getting my head around what I was doing, but very soon I had a bag, all crocheted together using slip stitch.

Note the ends still not sewn in!  So the bag needs a lining, and I’m waiting for handles to arrive from China……. so hopefully these will come soon so I can show you the final article, and actually get some use from it before the English summer disappears!

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