Open Gardens 2018

I can’t believe its almost the end of June already, where does the time go?

Pretty much my whole June has been taken up with gardening.  We open our garden every 2 years, as part of the Red Cross Open Garden scheme, along with 25 other gardens in the Garden City we live in.

Well, open garden day was 17th June, and I’m just about catching up now with real life.  The garden may look beautiful, but the housework and the crochet have suffered I can tell you!

The day went really well, over 360 people came an had a mooch around our garden, and we’ve just had the figures back from all the gardens, and we raised over £7800.

In my typical fashion, I forgot to take photos on the day, so I took some yesterday.

Now to put this into context, we flew out for a long weekend on Wednesday and the garden has had no water for about a week – so it’s holding up pretty well considering!

The scabiosa needs a good dead head, but it’s still looking pretty.  The crocosmia is looking amazing, and the flowers are just thinking about coming.

The veggie garden has gone a tad crazy.

The climbing beans have suddenly taken off!

The cucumbers from being only 10cm high have gone wild.  Do you like the trellis they grew up – it leans against the greenhouse!

Sweet peas in huge pots this year, with lots of chicken manure in the bottom to encourage the roots.  (Please ignore the dead strawberry plants – no water!)

I’ve planted french marigolds this year to try to attract the pollinators too.

The peas have got so tall they’ve folded in on themselves, I’m sure the little people will raid them soon when they realise the peas are ready.

I have a raised bed full of raspberries, and they are just getting ready.  There is also a grape vine in this bed, growing up the shed and green house and I’m hopeful for grapes (I thought I had a picture but alas no).

The Californian poppies I planted in the veggie bed last year, have made their own choice to move – are are now a beautiful display next to my cabin.

The big project this year, was removing the climbing frame as the little people aren’t quite so little now.  The trade off we had for this was a new trampoline for them, and a bit of the garden reclaimed for us.

So about a month before open garden, we sold the climbing frame, rebarked the ground.

and installed a huge trampoline for them to play on.

We got back the patio with the bench (as this is where the trampoline used to be).

This is the view from the house,

Remember my fish from the mosaic workshop?  They have pride of place to guide you into the garden.

Along with some more I made with the Pink and Blue ones.

So I’ll leave you with a few pictures taken with the posh camera – I love the detail on the strawberry!

Back to the crochet for me now – yay!

2 thoughts on “Open Gardens 2018

  1. Your garden is lovely. Congratulations on your fund raising efforts! Ive planted a raspberry last year and hope for a crop when our season rolls around!

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