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New craft number 7

I had a super busy week last week, 2 new crafts in one week!  Magic loop knitting, which I have tried to pick up again, I’ve cast on some socks by Winwick Mum who’s got the most amazing blog with a sockalong – so much information, but I’m yet to pick them up again.  I think I need a little bit more practice with the double knitting yarn as the sock yarn so fine!

So new craft number 7.  Learning to Paint with Brusho paints.

Now, I am not an artist.  I fully admit I can’t draw at all, I think the pink one is a much better drawer than me aged 8!

I saw these beautiful pictures, and thought I’d give it a go.

Lots of different colours.  We explored what happened when you sprinkled the paint on paper and added water.

Then added some more paint on the top too.

Brusho is amazing stuff.  It reacts with the water to make amazing backgrounds.

We painted the paper and then added paint too.

See how it stays in the shape of the circles, and just look at those colours!

A bit playing, painting with the colours, by rehydrating them in a little pot too (see my red squiggles?).

Then onto a picture.  I painted tree trunks with the brown, then sprinkled Sea Green at the bottom and sprayed it with water.  Then used a paint brush to get the grassy bits (I think I added too much water at this point).

Next for the tree canopy. Leaf Green sprinkled and sprayed.

Then a bit of a purple one,

Followed by some more sprinkles of whatever pot I could find.

It’s not a master piece, but I had fun.

Attempt number 2 was a lot better, I was thinking autumn now.

Notice I haven’t got the tree trunks in yet…..

The last picture I just went for it.  I tried a colour wash, then added some flowers beds before the trees, but I should have left it to dry in between.

A really enjoyable workshop playing with paints – something so outside of my comfort zone, but I think I managed to get some decent pictures at the end of it.

4 thoughts on “New craft number 7

  1. Your pictures are lovely! I’ll look forward to seeing your socks too – there’s a double knitting sock pattern on my blog that you can use with the Sockalong tutorials if you find the 4ply too fine. It’s in the free patterns section on the blog; the sock creation process is the same but you’ll work on less stitches so it grows faster. Result! 🙂 xx

    1. Wow – think I’ll start there…. although to be honest I haven’t picked any yarn up all week! Too busy!

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