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New craft number 6 for 2018

I’m not a knitter.  I don’t ever usually admit that I can knit.  I learnt to knit when I was probably about 7, my mum taught me, but from what I can remember she used to cast on for me, then I knitted, and then she would probably cast off the square I’d eventually made about 3 weeks later when it was only 10cm.

I can remember making a baby blanket for a raffle at a school fair with a friend, well when I say I can remember making, I think I made maybe 10 squares, and my mum made the rest and joined them together.

So I’m not what you’d call a natural knitter.

But then Jane from GardeningWitch Designs was teaching the magic loop technique and though maybe if I learnt to knit slightly differently it’s be more successful.

I did warn Jane that I couldn’t really remember how to cast on, and I’m not the best knitter, so she kindly offered to make me a Blue Peter – “This is one I made earlier” in case I struggled.

But would you believe it, I got it!  I actually got it!  I can knit in the round now using the magic loop technique.  We were given a pattern for some fingerless gloves, but I think these are way out of my ability – but we’ll see!

The should only be knit and pearl – using the magic loop technique, then a very clever little bit with the thumb!

But I played and made some circles with changing colour with a clever join too (I can’t remember the name however now!).

Then I got a bit carried away……. on attempt number 2!

But here are my little pieces I made.

Now I haver the perfect yarn for socks, bought 2 balls from Snufflebean Yarn a while ago that have been sat in the yarn museum for a while.

A sock yarn from Cygnet,

And a Our Tribe from Scheepjes………. I wonder which one I’ll pick up first!

More crochet coming soon……. do you ever get so creative that your onto the next project way before you’ve even though about writing up the previous project?

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