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Wing it Market Tote

I’m a huge fan of crochet bags.  No surprise really, probably what is the surprise if that I haven’t ever got around to sharing my many creations with you here.

I’ve made them for years, and they see to be my go to project for a holiday as acrylic yarn and hot weather does not make for nice crocheting.  I started this one in Dubai, then finished it at one of the numerous UK pools I frequent on a weekly basis.

But the one I will share with you today, is aptly called “Wing it Market Tote”


I wanted something loopy, and expandable, but also with a little bit of structure.

I started making this on the train to London.

And then have taken it to the usual pools.

And a couple of waiting rooms!

It’s worked from the top down, so you start the handles first, then go onto the “body” of the bag.

I love my new bag – and will get around to writing the pattern for it soon, and I’ll even teach a workshop on how to make it too, BUT, I need to modify it a little.

I say a little, this is mainly due to me being a tad short.  I’m only 5 foot 3, and when I put anything heavy in it, it does stretch a little too much (and hits the ground).  So I’m going to make a new one, properly writing down how to make this, and make it a little shorter, as this is easier than making me grow!

But in the meantime – just have a little look at it in all its glory.




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