The Ledbury

I can promise you all I am still crocheting all the time I possibly can, and I can promise you, crochet normal service will resume very soon on this blog.

I did however let on a few months ago, I’m a secret foodie, and this post is about our visit to The Ledbury last week, which was awarded 2 Michelin stars in 2018.

The Ledbury is the restaurant run by Brett Graham, and its based in Notting Hill, which although it sounds like it should be central (everyone’s watched the film – right?), it wasn’t close to anything!  We arrived a bit early, due to train times, so with 40 minutes to go before our table, we went the closest bar we could find, which was just around the corner.

Our table reservation was for 6.30pm, and I’d booked it as soon as they released the tables on the website. Demand is high so if you want to go, book a long way in advance.

The welcome to the restaurant was lovely.  The Maitre d, who looked after us explained the format.  6 or 8 courses was the only decision we really had to make.

Then he asked the most surprising question.  “Are there any allergies, things you don’t eat, don’t like?”  I have never, at any of the Michelin star restaurants been asked this.  Yes, food allergies, but not the “things you don’t eat or like”.

I don’t eat game,  and I don’t like mussels and oysters, and I’m not too keen on eel (It’s the texture).  So this was passed onto the kitchen ready for our feast of 8 courses, plus some more!

First course for me was a sunflower crisps, and it was delicious.

Mr OTH had a seaweed and mussel crisp.

This was followed by a chicken Liver Parfait, with a mead jelly.  This is so creamy.

Next, a mini crumpet with brown crab and shrimp.

The bread, Porridge Bread, with goats butter and molasses.

Finally we’re onto the first listed course.  Cold Asparagus soup for me

Oyster and sea bream for Mr OTH.

Next was the Eel.  I don’t like the texture of eel, but was assured that this wouldn’t be like usual eel.

I tried it, I didn’t like it unfortunately, so I tried to pass it over to Mr OTH for him to finish.  The Maitre D saw this, and came over straight away.  Now, another first for this type of restaurants, “Let me see what the boys can do instead” he said.

Wow – never has this happened before.  10 minutes later, and this beautiful green pea dish arrives, for both me and Mr OTH. “Well you can’t eat at different times” he said.

Cuttlefish and peas.

It was lovely, and an amazing surprise.

Now, onto what I think was my second favourite dish of the night.  Pheasant egg.  It was just like an English Breakfast.

The fish course,

Followed by my favourite of the evening.  The Mushroom.  This was AMAZING.

Now, I don’t eat duck which was the next course, so again, at the beginning of the evening I was offered either lamb or beef.  So this was the short Rib of beef.

Mr OTH’s Duck.

We’re onto desserts now, and both were delicious.

Then onto the last two courses.

So, in summary, an absolutely amazing evening.  The service was amazing, the way they dealt with my weird eating habits was impeccable.  We will definitely be going back!

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