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New craft number 5 – Screen Printing

Last night saw me trying new craft number 5.

Now, you may or may not know, but I set up The Makers’ Cabin to teach crochet, and I do this a lot, but I also set up workshops for other arty and crafty people to come and teach too.   Last night saw a first ever workshop from the very talented Steph from Flat 102, coming to teach screen printing (and I can confirm the garden does look pretty similar to this currently – all the alliums in bloom).

I don’t do all workshops, but I will try a lot, but last nights was screen printing, and to say I was a little over excited at learning this skill was an understatement.

Design wise, I was going to do a yarny based one, but then thought I should do something a bit more Makers’ Cabin based – queue the bunting!

Now, as with most of my crafty adventures, I got a bit carried away and completely forgot to take any photos!

You start with a paper cutting sheet, and have a  little practice.

Then onto the printing.

Each different colour needed a new stencil, and a new screen.

This was my first attempt, that soon was this!  You need loads of ink, strong arms, and someone to hold your screen!  But it is hugely fun, and getting to make something quite so quickly is the best!

Then a quick stencil cut, and some neon pink means 2 more bags with bunting.

I wish now I’d bought the kit that Steph was selling,  a screen, 3 inks and tape, as I can see this is a craft I’ll want to do more of!

Here are a few pictures of the other ladies creations – they are amazing!

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