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New craft number 4 – Mosaics

As part of my 2018 goals, I decided to learn 12 new crafts and skills, as well as more crochet!  I’m on number 4 now, having done Macrame, and I love this, and teach it now too.  You can make something so quickly and easily.

Calligraphy, I loved this, but don’t think I have the patience for practicing as much as I need to.

Hand spinning was fun, and it’s nice to do, but I have to be honest and say I haven’t picked this up again since showing the blue one what to do after the workshop.

So I went on a great workshop on Monday evening, making mosaics with Claire Costello.

I knew I wanted to make a fish, and a blue fish at that.

The choice of tiles was huge.


Then there we’re these fab glass bits, like from the pendant workshops I’d been on too to choose from.

That combined with mirror tiles, little gems, and glass sheets too was almost too much choice.

Now I’m a cheater, rather than spend time cutting glass, I was a bit cheeky and delved into the off cuts box.

Look at all these lovely pieces, just calling out to be used.

So blue fish underway, stick your chosen pieces with wood glue (and not too much wood glue).

Now this is where I got very carried away, and totally forgot to take any photos.  I switched off completely, loving the jigsaw puzzle of making the bits fit together.


I finished this one super speedily, because I’d cheated with the scraps box I think! So I made another one,  a green fish.

I took a lot more photos of the process this time.  One tip was to get all the glass pieces you wanted before starting to glue, so you can get into a rhythm.

Then stick away!

As the glue needed 24 hours to set, the tutor gave us a demonstration on the grouting process.  It was pretty daunting and very messy!  You have to completely cover your beautifully positioned glass pieces in grout, and then wipe it off.

But I’ve grouted my fish.

I think my grout was a little too runny!  Squish it into the gaps with an old loyality card.

Then gentle start to sponge it off.

Finally, use a old piece of material to “polish” the glass, and leave for 24 hours to dry, and polish again.

Two finished fish.

I loved this workshop, and already want to make some more.  I think we’re going to go for a family school of fish.




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