Our Easter family break

I’ve been awol from this blog again.  Good reason, we’ve been back to Thailand (oh how I love this place).

This time was a little different, instead of heading straight down to Koh Samui, this time we decided that with the little people people being nearly 8 and 10, we’d take them to Bangkok too.

The school broke up for Easter, and we basically got on a plane, heading 6000 miles away for a couple of weeks.

Guaranteed, hot weather, delicious food, time to sit and read an actual book.  Time to crochet, time to sleep.  This is exactly what we needed.


Bangkok was amazing.  This completely manic place, mopeds and tuk tuks everywhere and so so hot!  We ventured out to the Grand Palace, by Sky train and boat,

It was crazily busy with thousands of tourists, and stupidly hot.

The architecture compared to anything in the Uk, is so so different.

The mosaics on the buildings were beautiful.

The gold, and mirrors absolutely stunning.

So many tiny details.

Just look at this roof shape.  Beautiful.

Mosaic tiles, roof shape, gold and sparkly.

This place was a bit overwhelming on the senses.  So so busy, so we didn’t stay too long, before we headed over to Wat Po.

We’ve seen the Reclining Budha 15 years ago, and I remember it being huge, but it really was HUGE!  It took up the whole temple!

This was pretty much it for day 1, hot we travelled back to the hotel, straight into the roof top pool with a great view of Bangkok.

Day 2 we headed to Jim Thompson’s house.  We’ve never been, but learnt so much.  Jim Thomson was an American who started up the Thai silk industry, and then went walking in the jungle aged 61 and has never been seen again – and even more funny a Monk predicted his death years beforehand – to the exact day!

His house is special as it was brought to the location in Bangkok by boat, and is 6 traditional houses put together.

We finally learnt what these little shrines are.  Well they aren’t a shrine, but a spirit house, and are everywhere in Thailand.  When they build a house, Thai people believe this disrupts the spirits, and you need to give them somewhere to go – a spirit house which can’t be in the shadows of the original house.

The most informative tour, even showing how silk is made, and lovely skeins of silk!

Time to head down to the beach, where sun, sea, pool, yummy food and crochet in abundance made this is great holiday!


Oh – and the best picture taken all holiday – the number one bestselling cook book in Thailand…… would you?


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