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Crochet Beachwear

We’ve just come back from from Thailand, a lovely 2 weeks in the sunshine to beat the blues of the awful UK winter.  It’s been cold, dark, and raining for a lot of the last 6 months, so sunshine was definitely welcome and very much needed!

We’ve been to Thailand a few times now, and the one thing this year, which absolutely blew me away was the variety of crochet beachwear.

It was everywhere!

I’m not talking just bikinis, although there were some!

But the variety of “cover ups” mixing both crochet and fabric together – this is what I mean.

So many ideas going around in my head for what I could design now – just in time for summer in the UK!

Check out the crochet shorts in the bottom too!

Pom pom edging, with US double crochets.  So colourful for making a plain white top – “ping”!  The one on the right – use a self striping yarn too!

Edges all around here, sleeves, neck and bottom!

Crochet dress?  Crocheted bikini type top sewn onto a long skirt for a maxi dress.

Plain white, so elegant – and looks like its got some broomstick crochet going on too.

Or how about a whole coverup – just crochet?

Squares to add a little colour, but not too much.

Huge centre piece and crochet shoulders too.

Then to top it all off – the swatch shop at Bangkok airport had a crochet watch!

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