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Yay – I’m in Simply Crochet

Eeeeekkkkkk is about all I can manage to say at the moment!  I’m so excited its silly.

You might have heard of this fantastic magazine called Simply Crochet….. well this month – issue number 69 I’m in it with one of my patterns!

This was my 2017 goal – to be published in a magazine, and yes it’s now 2018, but I knew about this in 2017, so it still counts!

I’ve been honoured to take part in the hook to hook challenge where 2 designers are given the same yarn and asked to make something with it,  in this case, a bag.

The yarn we were sent is Debbie Bliss cotton Denim DK, and it’s a beautiful yarn.  The texture of this yarn is so soft, and I really couldn’t wait to get started.

(Now I’ve just googled the magazine, and I’m on the front of their blog today.  This day can not get any better!)

I love bags, and this was an absolute pleasure to design and make.   Thank you to the blue one for taking my photo early one morning too!

I’m up against another designer called Charlotte Hawksworth, and the Simply Crochet run a  competition on Instagram where you can win the yarn to make the winning design – so what are you waiting for – get voting!


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