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Lalylala, Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies

I treated my self to a new crochet book a few weeks ago.  I’d seen lots of people talking on instagram accounts, and I’ve followed the author Lalylala on Instragram for a long time – I love her Sheep doll!

So, while I was waiting in the hospital for many hours with the pink one who had an asthma attack (She is absolutely fine now), I sort of added 2 lovely crochet books I’d had my eyes on into my amazon shopping basket!  They arrived the next day, well done prime, and the pink immediately picked up this book and promptly said “you can make me this one mummy”.  (More on the other book later!)

The lovely thing about this book is the little story at the beginning, talking about caterpillars and butterflies and green fly!  It was a really lovely surprise and the photos are just beautiful.

I have lots of scheepjes cotton, but the pink one decided she wanted me to use Yarnart Begonia, as she’d already picked her colours out.

So I set to work the same afternoon.  Using a 2.0mm hook, this was a lovely pattern to follow.  So straight forward – a lot of counting, but thats completely expected with Amigurumi.

Not long after I started it was time to add the little eyes, and then suddenly you have a proper little face looking back at you.

A body in the making…..

The indents really add character to this little caterpillar.

Then she was finished.

Or so I thought – pink one then requested a hat!  Not long later, a little hat with antennae was whipped up!

One finished caterpillar.

I still need to add the little pink stitches under the eyes – but she’s still super cute – and even more surprisingly for me – not pink!

A delightful book, that I can’t wait to make more little creatures from – and even some wings for this little bug!

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