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A new Jumper for me!

A long time ago, I started a jumper for me – well I say a jumper.  I wanted a cardigan…… but “winging it” with no pattern was not on my side this time!

It was my first time making an adult sized item of clothing.  I’d seen some gorgeous jumpers on Pinterest, in the most amazing colours but decided I needed to use my “sensible” head and use a little of the yarn from my ever growing stash!

I’d managed to get hold of lot of organic cotton for only 50p a ball, rather than the advertised £5.99 – a bargain I could hardly say no too!

It’s sat in the cupboard for over a year I’m ashamed to say, I did start a circle and square cushion cover, but thats still sat waiting to be finished!

How much better does yarn look when it’s out of the plastic?

Then add a hook (and ignore the tell tale kink of frogging – I did tell you this didn’t quite go to plan).

This project has come to lots of places with me, ballet classes,  where you can get a cup of tea or coffee.

To the usual  pools for diving and swimming.

It’s been kept in a handy bag I bought in Thailand (I love the pink inside).

It’s based on squares, and I just measured it against a current top I already had.

Two Squares, Foundation Half double crochet to start, and then double crochet. The sleeves are made from rectangles.

Sewing together was a bit of a mission, I actually crocheted it, using slip stitches I just had to remember to which way around the seams needed to be.


One finished jumper – which is super comfy!



3 thoughts on “A new Jumper for me!

  1. That looks fabulous! I’m sure it’s warm and comfy! I’ve tried to crochet some clothes but it wasn’t really working. Perhaps I chose the wrong patterns or yarn or size… But when I see your jumper I may want to try it again!

    1. Thanks – it was super easy when I changed my mind from a cardigan to a jumper! Next missions os to sort out the fronts of a cardigan, and make myself one. The yarn is already bought, waiting to be used!

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