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Rock Painting

It’s half term in the UK this week – and as predicted the weather has been horrible!  It’s cold, rainy, and still dark a lot of the time.

Little people have needed to be amused, so yesterday saw us painting rocks.  I say us, they both started, got bored, so I carried on!

Its not as strange as you think to paint rocks.  A facebook group was set up by one of our school mums, and basically you paint rocks, then hide them for people to find.  The absolute joy on the little peoples faces when they find a rock is great – and even better when you get one left on your doorstep!

So blank rocks collected from dog walks, washed and dried.

Then a look at good old Pinterest for inspiration.

This will turn into a dot painting ladybird.

Then there were the owls.

And it being Valentines day today – we made some heart ones too.

A yellow emoji stone – which took far too many coats of yellow!

A white butterfly – which quickly turned into a flower!  A little fairy by the pink now, and a hot air ballon by the pink one too.

All left to dry, then the sharpie came out for the details.

Some monsters!

A bee and a ladybird.

The owls!

And the hearts.

A friend came round too – her children disappeared to play too – but she made these lovely creations!

We were going to hide them today – but I forgot to bring the spray lacquer inside from the shed and it was too cold to use – so that might be tomorrows job now.

Happy half term.

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