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A Cardigan in under 9 hours

Do you ever get to the point with crochet that you really want to make something that quick, straight forward, and someone else has done the hard work for you?

I love designing things, but sometimes sat down on the sofa with note books, pencils, and scribbles absolutely everywhere and ‘frogging’ happening every row can get a bit overwhelming.

So I decided to make something from someone elses pattern for a change.

Cygnet yarns has just released a great new range “Seriously Chunky Metallics“, and coupled with this a free pattern too it just had to be done.  I ordered the yarn, A lot of yarn as the colours are amazing and I couldn’t choose between them – and you can never have enough yarn for your stash – right?

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Then set to work on this cardigan as gift for my Mum for Mothers Day.  She’ll get it early as hopefully it’ll just be getting a bit warmer when Mothers day gets here.

Ball of wool number one, and front number one was started…… and finished it in about an hour!

Now this cardigan uses a lot of yarn – 18 balls for the size I made, but the results of crocheting with something so quickly, making something so large so fast far out weighed the cost.

The downfall of making something quite so quickly too, is that before you’ve even realised it, who’ve almost finished the item and forgotten to take any photos as it was dark!  It was perfect crochet weather – absolutely freezing, so making this cardigan was like being sat under a blanket!

The following day – the sun came out and a quick photo to show the beautiful colour and texture this yarn gives was needed.

It was so so quick to make, I think about 8 hours in total, and then about 30 minutes sewing it together.  But it is gorgeous and will be so warm for then the very cold February weather comes along.

Not the best picture – needs someone wearing it – so wait for that photo when my Mum gets it as a present!

But just look at the texture and sheen of this yarn!


A great quick project, that was a beginners skill level and very satisfying to make quite so quickly!  Thank you Cygnet Yarns.

2 thoughts on “A Cardigan in under 9 hours

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I also love designing but it takes so much thinking, time and energy! Sometimes you just need to relax and crochet. I love the color of your cardigan and it looks really cosy, well done!
    Have a nice day,

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