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Starburst blanket…. nearly done!

I’m a little late in posting this as the blanket is finished!!!

But I thought you’d still like to the progress if you’ve followed it from the beginning, round 2, and round 3.  This post is about finishing the final squares, blocking, and then the layout.

Most if not all squares were completed before Christmas.  I love the pink round 3’s, the middle right “sunset” square might be my favourite in the whole blanket!


The random yellows add some sunny brightness too.


While the reds add a bit if drama.


But when you add the all together, thats when I think this blanket really works.

But they needed blocking.  Look at all those curly corners!

I think this photo demonstrates blocking pretty effectively.  I’ll be honest and say I haven’t really blocked many items, but it’s been revolutionary!

Pin them to a camping board and spray with water.  Leave to dry…… and you get a square thats a square!

You can even do 2 layers to make it quicker!  Just leave a little gap for air (can you see sunset square is back in the photos!)

Square squares!!!!!

Now for the stitching up and the layout.  This is when my OCD for rainbows came back.  I’d done really well, not in order, not matching, not a rainbow in sight up until this point but then how was I going to lay them out?

To be honest, I put them on the floor with the pink one, and before I could even start examining the colours and what was next to what, we put the in labelled piles ready for sewing together.  Job done!

Sneaky peak of what the final layout would be?


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