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A new craft – Calligraphy

This is the year for new crafts – ideally 12, but we’ll see how I get on!

You all know I can crochet, I still love crochet, I will  always be crocheting, but sometimes you need to try something new too- as I think any crafter is an eternal crafter.  Yep -I can’t be the only one that goes into Hobbycraft to get one specific thing and comes out with a lot more that I went in for, and some things completely unrelated to what crafts I currently do.  I do the same with stationary too,  “I must have that note book”.

I went to a great workshop on Wednesday night – Calligraphy at The Makers’ Cabin with Stacy Oakley



The set up was really lovely, and the skill of Stacy the tutor was evident as soon as she started unpacking all of the wonderful items ready for the workshop.

The workshop as called Classic Calligraphy.  We sat down, and were given a super posh pen, nib, and a brush stroke pen and a pencil.

And of course some “Handy Docs” which even though in a brown paper envelope with beautiful writing on the front looked very enticing.

We started with dark downward lines, and light upward lines, then lead ins and inflections and all these other things you don’t even think of when writing!

Even thinking of how a letter is formed, really taxes the brain when you are so used to just writing!

We went onto letters, and how each letter is formed, and these were really tricky.  I have awful handwriting, and I can’t draw at all, but I did manage at least a few examples that looked like Stacy’s!

I think the key is practice, practice practice.  It was a very therapeutic 2 hours, and I’m so glad I went as having tried to look at things online, even the paper positioning made such a difference to how the letters I tried to do actually turned out!  I think I get better during the 2 hours, and I think Patience will also be key in this skill!

Gift bags at the end filled with ink, pens, paper and the most beautiful hand written tags – which I now aspire too!

A skill I hope to carry on with and get better at!


2 thoughts on “A new craft – Calligraphy

  1. This sounds like such a fun workshop! I have wanted to learn calligraphy for years but have only half-heartedly attempted it as my normal penmanship looks much like my 6 year old self’s did. (so embarassing). I’m gonna see if there’s such a workshop near me =)

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