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Learning a new craft – Number 2 for 2018

I’ve been super busy and super secretive too…… learning Macrame!

New skill number 2 – tick and it’s only January!  (Number one was calligraphy – read about it here)

I know – very retro, but also very in too!

It’s super addictive too when you get going, and pretty quick to get results.

The downside – my word my arms ached after the first one!  All that reaching up, and using different muscles I’m sure I never had before!

The hardest thing was working out where to make it.  Hanging from something high enough so I could stand, but then have enough space to actually make the hanger!  So the resulting place was above a chair hanging from a wicker heart which was hung on the wall- not ideal, but needs must.

We then tried a chair on the table, when I taught the blue one how to make one too.

I’ve made a lot of these now, but I only have one houseplant.  Maybe it’s time to put them on Etsy?

(Another secret – I taught a workshop to 5 lovely ladies last Friday- will post later in the week about it – it was the best fun!)

So here we have attempt number 3.  The terracotta, and the green plant really make this hanger “pop”.

I had a go using Cygnet super chunky yarn too.  The pot was a little too small for this hanger, but the effect still works nicely.

T-shirt yarn for added texture and colours.


All of the above are the same design, but I wanted to try something new next.


My favourite so far is this one.


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