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Blanket progress

Hello, I’m back here briefly to share my blanket progress with you.

Remember all those circles with 2 rounds?

I wrote about them here, if you want a read.  Well then I hit a stumbling block.

I had it in my head I wanted no two circles with the same colours.  Then I thought that won’t work.

I have 13 colours, 12 circles of each colour.

By the time you add round two – you’ve got lots and lots of different combinations.  I started to try and so a spreadsheet, but gave up.

I pondered on this for days.  Then all those circles staring back at me got the better of me.  I had to do something.

So I went with a random approach.  12 of each round 2 colour, just needed to be matched with a a new outside colour.  I randomly picked the 12 circles, of the round 2 colour, making sure I only had 1 of each of the round 1 colour (This sounds confusing, but it wasn’t really).

Then I started round 3……..

And it wasn’t long before they were looking pretty good.  But then swimming happened, and I couldn’t take all these different colours to the pool.  So I broke my system, and started on Round 4!  I only needed one ball of wool – silver.

So circles started to become squares.

I could finally see what I was trying to make.  I love the pink middle square at the top – I’d never have put those colours together but they look amazing.

More circles into squares.


And some more (don’t look at the ends!)

It’s nearly done, but the weather is so bad I haven’t been able to take any decent photos to show the progress.  Looking a the weather forecast it might be a few days yet before I get the sun shining, so roll on Spring is all I can say……

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