Another Jewellery workshop

Ok, So I will admit it, I’m getting a bit obsessed with glass Jewellery, and making it!  I did this workshop in November (at The Makers’ Cabin), but I had to wait until after Christmas to share the pictures, as a few were given out at presents!

I’ve been on a couple of great workshops making square and rectangular pendants, but this workshop was different.

We had a base plate, of which we had to choose what colour.  Then free reign over what we added onto it.  I shared this with my mum, and even now looking at them, to me at least its very obvious which bits we decorated!

Decisions, decisions.  I knew the kind of thing I wanted, but could I actually make it?

Some of these pictures aren’t me, but other ladies who came too.    But its so you can get an idea what we did.

Layering colours onto the base colour.

So 2 hours, and lots of changing the layout, this is what we made.

Looks a right mess! The other ladies made these too……

I have to say the suspense for what we were going to get was almost too much!  2 weeks later, we came back to see what the 1 base plate we’d all had had turned into after firing.

This was mine – very different to what I thought – but beautiful.   Look at that top blue corner, with the reflective pink!

These were the other base plates made, so different, and all absolutely beautiful.


Now came the hard part of deciding 1: where to cut, and 2: the actual cutting.  I thought cutting one piece of glass in a straight line was hard, but then by the time we’d got this plate we were up to 3 layers in some places.

The plan was cut the pieces in the shapes we wanted and then they get re-fired to give us nice smooth edges.

After a good 30 minutes I started cutting.

Some snapped nicely, others not so, but I suppose that is part of the charm of these pendants.

Some needed clear glass on the top to make then smooth, so I added dichroic glass to for more of an effect, and then off they went to the kiln again.

2 weeks later I got delivered a great parcel of pendants and stitch markers (well it had to be really).

Lots and lots of pendants!  This one is my favourite, and it split whilst cutting – so annoying.  But then I decided to work with that and had it re-fired on an angle.  I love it.

Here a few of the others ladies work too – the teardrop ones are beautiful.  Something you can’t make on a one off workshop, although I have to glass was pinging everywhere when they uses the snips to snap the angles from them!

So one of these pendants and some stitch markers, have had a big trip….. to Australia to BBB Louise, where she wore it to a wedding.

Does this count as a new craft?  I’m not sure, but it was great fun!



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