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Christmas Wreath Making

I took a little time out from crochet this week to have a go at making a wreath.  It was only November, but definitely time to get Festive and start thinking about all those presents I wish I’d bought already!

So I went on a workshop with the very talented florist, Sarah Maylin Flowers.  She’s the same florist that came with me to London at 2am to go to Covent garden Flower market, and that did those amazing wedding flowers that I wrote about at the beginning of the summer.

But this week it was all about wreaths.

Starting with a basic copper ring, some wire and some moss, they were quickly transformed.

Into a huge green mossy ring.  Then it was time to add the fir or spruce.

We definitely were starting to look more like a wreath now.

Then the fun really begins, so much choice of what to add.  From natural cinnamon sticks and limes to little decorations made from silver birch tree.  The choice was endless.


Here are a few pictures showing what we made.


I think everyone had a little robin hidden somewhere in their wreath!

As if on queue – it started snowing too!  I took a video for Instgram – you can watch it here.

Want to see mine?

I went a little bling this year, and I love it.

Pride of place on my front door too!




3 thoughts on “Christmas Wreath Making

    1. Thank you- I’m very happy with mine – pride of place on the front door. I’ve also made a crochet one – which I hope to write about soon.

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