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Yarn and Colours

Who else here enters all these competitions on social media, longing to win, but then with the other thousands of people who enter, never win anything?

I enter a few , all yarn based of course……… and I got the best message ever on Friday late afternoon by a tag on Instagram.

yarnandcolorsAnd the winners are……????and @offthehookforyou❤️. Congratulations, please PM us for the instructions😁. Have a nice weekend! 

OMG…….. OMG…….. OMG……… happy dance, shrieking round the lounge, children looking at me like I was crazy!  Breath I thought, reply quickly I thought…….. nothing like this ever happens to me I thought.

So all weekend I waited for a reply.  I thought I must be dreaming.

Then today – would you believe it…. a huge green box arrives for me!!!!!

I can honestly say it sat on the table for all of about 30 seconds while a went to get the scissors.

Want to see what was inside?


And this……… could it get any better?

It is lovely!  So so squishy…. and we all know we need to squish yarn to see what its like.


The colours are WOW!  I know a certain blue one that will instantly grab the Luminous yellow  (called Pistachio) and say “mummy can you make me…….”  Wait and see what it turns out to be!

So before I digress with more yarn squishyness – there are no other words to describe this yarn -It’s a super chunky weight and calls for a 12mm hook (which luckily I already have as I can’t see it still being in balls by the end of today!).

Each ball is 200g which is 60M (I’m hoping enough for a hat per ball).

Amazingly – it’s 15% wool, 85% acrylic.  This is the most surprising fact for me.  I’m allergic to wool, can’t make anything with it as I get all itchy, but this yarn is so so soft, no itch anyhwhere in sight!

It’s a 30 degree wash, an no tumble drying (but thats the same as anything that contains a wool – who else has accidentally tumble dried their husbands jumper for it to come out the size of your 4 year old……..?)

I was so lucky to win this beautiful yarn!   The colours are absolutely wonderful, so vibrant and striking.  We will be the most noticed family on the school run with matching outfits!

10 balls no less of the new release colours from Yarn and Colours URBAN

Pistachio (Luminous Yellow)

Peony Leaf (Green)

Pepper (Red)

Dark Blue (Navy)

Orchid (Light pink)

Lavender (Lilac)

Antique pink (Dusky pink)

Graphite (Grey)

Raspberry (Bright pink)

Burgundy (Wine coloured ….. or course).

The squishiest, softest, most vivid colours of yarn I think I’ve seen in a Super Chunky!

Now the choice is which colours  to match together…. and then designs……. oh my I’m going to have a field day here!    Watch this space to see what I make!

A huge thank you to @yarnandcolours for this fantastic generous prize!

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