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Circles everywhere

Hello,  haven’t been here for a while.  Computer technical issues, don’t get me started, but no internet, then folders on the iMac not working, then photos not finding my phone, have all put paid to me posting lately.

I’ve been so busy crafting there has been no time to type, but that’ll be in another post.

This post is all about CIRCLES!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and facebook, you’ll have seen a lot of circles lately, but no explanation of what they are going to be.

The background is I subscribed to a magazine and a huge amount of yarn for free!  (Well included with the subscription).

It also came with a pattern for a ripple blanket and a cushion, but I didn’t want to make that.

So it’s been sat in a bag for over 4 months waiting for me to have a “lightbulb” moment.

And would you believe it?  Yep, light bulb moment had.

CIRCLES…. it started with a few.

Then a few more.

And some more.

And even more.


And a lot lot more!

Until there were 156 little circles!

What are they going to be I hear you ask?

Well heres a clue for round 2…….

I’m getting there, and I’m immensely proud that I’ve sewn all the ends in as I go!

After round one that was 312 ends so far!

Any guesses as to what I’m making?




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