Too Creative?

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m a bit too creative.    I know – shocker!

I’m sat here, deciding what I should write up and what I should be sharing – then I turned around and looked at my craft corner, which I have to say is completely overflowing!

I have so many things that are started, then I’ve got bored.   Or I should be writing up the patterns, but have been distracted by something else.  I think I flit too much between one thing and another – and I’m sure I can’t be the only one!

I have numerous things started, part made, finished even, that then I’m really proud of, but rather than share them here, I’ve been distracted making something else!

The I get to the point where I have so much started – I don’t know where to look and what to do!

So I brainstormed what I should be doing – what I wanted to do…….. and I felt better that day.  But that was the beginning of the Summer holidays and I’ve just found it in a craft pile (one of the many)!

My mind is working overdrive – so many ideas in my head, so many swatches made, so many bags of yarn purchased……. and all the “in progress” items too!

So yesterday I didn’t start anything new!  I actually finished 2 things!

A gift for a newborn baby.

A baby sloth.

This still leaves a lot of things unfinished.

Like the wreath I started making in January!  I have lots of beautiful pictures taken of this – and even finished it when I had a very bad cold – I just had to get it sewed together…. ready to be sat in the corner for the next 9 months!

Or the cushion cover started at least 18 months ago…….. at ballet lessons.

The toy for my son

Along with many idea swatches, and pages and pages of notes needing to be typed up!

I haven’t even posted about half the things I’ve taken photos ready for blog posts………..  you should see my Instagram.  So many things made, finished, but not typed up – the list gets bigger by the day!

So my plan (when the internet finally starts working properly I should add), to type one thing up a week at least.  If I have a productive period, I might need to go to twice a week, or maybe even more!

I need to actually finish some things before starting others – and by finishing I mean blogging as well as the actual item!!!!!!!





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