The knitting and stitching show

I’ve never been before would you believe it?  Only 45 minutes away…. and every year I’ve sort of missed it.

This year again….. it almost slipped under my radar.  I’d written it in my diary months ago, but it was only on Monday when I turned the pages to see what I was doing this week that I saw it.

I asked a friend at school drop off if she wanted to go…. and then we investigated….. and finally booked tickets on Wednesday!

So yesterday morning when the little people had been safely delivered to school, we walked to the station and headed south.

And then headed north by bus as the train goes past Ally Pally as its affectionately know.

We got there for about 10am when it opened.

You walk through some huge displays of bags designed by Vivienne Westwood and lots of others – I just remember hers as it’s the tiger one at the bottom.

The hand one was called The Guardian, and the details of the poppies on the 2 bags were stunning.

Then there was a huge wall hanging called the Four seasons made by quilting – so much work had gone into making this.

Then into the show and the shopping!

A few stalls selling hand dyed yarn – but not as many as I’d hoped.

Stalls selling market leading brands,

And then new brands for craft items I’d never heard of!

My favourite stall I think was this one. Stiff and stil– they sold material, patterns, and yarn, and pretty much anything.  Think Ikea for the Haberdashery!

There was only one spinning stall….. and they had some great what I’d call “unicorn colours”, but I don’t hand spin……. yet.  Think I have enough crafts to keep me going!

The WI had knitted houses and buildings- the church had a wedding ceremony happening inside – all knitted!

Toft had a huge giraffe, and wool displayed in upside down clear umbrellas – very cool!  Lots of toys to see what they actually look like – and I have to say they were smaller than I thought they would be.

Shopping wise – I was very good.  I bought a clothes steamer bizarrely, and its great!

I know – no yarn!

But the material and the pattern should hopefully make the pink one a great reversible dress, and the flower crowns, well I couldn’t not get them – so we re so cute and only £1 each

The £20 notes – well these will get turned into project bags, and a purse.

The chain is to finally finish a moon bag I made a long time ago.

Jumbo Crochet hooks – for a project I’ve been saving things for – I think I need to work up to the hand strength over time!

Sticker and the pin brooch came free with the big  30mm hook, and the unicorn patches  …… well you all know about the unicorns in this house!

2 thoughts on “The knitting and stitching show

  1. Hi

    I’ve just visited the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate and had a wonderful time. I was tempted to buy one of the clothes steamers but didn’t, don’t ask me why…

    You seem to like it. Would you mind telling me the brand name as I regret not getting one, and will try to find it online.

    Love your blog by the way.


    1. Thank you. It’s called a steam demon, and very handy to have around! I know what you mean – I nearly didn’t get it either – but very glad I did! Vicki

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