A little declutter

It had to be done……. my craft trolley was bursting at the seams!

My very understanding husband had been dropping a few hints about the mountain of “stuff” in the corner.  (The sad thing is – this photo was taken when some things had been taken off it!)

So when he went to play taxi driver for the blue one….. I set to work.

It started as fun…… discovering all the things I’d forgotten about!  Like some cool stickers the pink one saw and immediately tried to claim!

There there were 2 birthday cards from my bbb – Louise from down under.

And there was the revelation that I had not a couple of note books but these!  Girls love stationery – and this girl sure does!

Then it was onto the magazine stash.  I love craft magazine and can’t bear to part with  them…. you never know when you’ll need to look back over a pattern….. so you’ve got to keep them- right?

So now I have a proper place for them.  An old Ikea wine rack with some shelves removed to be a book case!

A shelf for Mollie Makes and one for Simply Crochet all in number order (that’ll be my OCD traits coming out – see the rainbow blankets for others! !)

Then it was time to sort the hooks (Yes I simply do need all of them!)  and the scissors….

Want to see the craft trolley now?

Although I think we might replace it for a cupboard (taller so I can put more stuff in it!) ………………

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