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Percy the Mini Pumpkin


It’s definitely feeling like Summer is over, that is if it ever really began!  We had a hugely hot June, 34 degrees in some places which for the Uk is just silly as we don’t really do “aircon” more log fires and central heating.  Being British most people moaned about the heat….. and then it was gone.  I said a couple of posts ago about our rained out summer, well even though the kids are back at school it’s still not really improved.  I’m hopeful it will but it’s looking more autumnal by the day with the leaves turning colour and the apples littering garden.  The days are getting shorter, I seem to be picking m up more and more yarn in the autumnal colours of mustard, grey, orange…….

So what to make?

A quick easier project.  Sometimes that is what is needed, to actually make you feel that you’ve accomplished something.

Meet Percy the Mini Pumpkin!  He’s only about 7 cm across, but super cute!  The bonus was he only took about 20 minutes to make too!


You will need:

DK yarn – I used Stylecraft special DK in spice and Khaki

3mm safety eyes

4.5mm crochet hook


stitch marker


A small amount of soft toy stuffing (for the head)

Some cotton sewing thread (for the mouth)

Abbreviations – US Terminology

CH- Chain

MR – Magic Ring

sc – Single Crochet

2sctog – 2 Single Crochet together

Percy the Pumpkin

Percy is made using the amigurumi technique, no need to SS and chaining.  Just complete each round and move straight onto the next moving your stitch marker each time.

Start with a magic ring

Round 1: 10sc in the MR

R2: 2sc in each sc around. [20sc]

R3: (2sc in next sc, 1sc) 10 times. [30sc]

R4:(2sc in next sc, 2sc) 10 times. [40sc]

R5-9: 1sc in each. [40sc]

R10: (2sctog, 2 sc) 10 times. [30sc]

Insert eyes into row 8, 10 stitches apart (has he come alive?)

R11: (2sctog, 1 sc) 10 times. [20sc]

R12: (2sctog) 10 times.  [10sc]

Stuff the pumpkin, and the 2sctog until it is closed – this will be the top, and the stalk will cover any small gap.  Fasten off leaving a long end (approx 60cm).


Round 1: with khaki, make a magic ring, and make 4 sc in the ring.

R2-7 – 1 sc in each.  Fasten off leaving a ling end for sewing onto the body.

How to make up

Using the long end from the pumpkin, you need to sew the lines.  You will make 6 sections, so imagine a cake / pizza, or a trivial pursuit cheese.  Sew going through the centre and pulling tight the six sections (these are made from only 3 stitches), ensuring you start by going through the centre of the eyes.  Fasten off.

Sew the stalk to the top, and add a smile using a double strand of cotton sewing tread.  positioned in the middle of the eyes – 3 rows down.

I took this photo as I realised the sun was finally shining and it could show off my cosy plant pot cover and the dinky size of Percy!

I love to see any Percy Pumpkins you make!


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