Lino Print workshop

This is one of those posts I’ve been meaning to write for a long time.  I thought that as the little people were finally back at school today – and I just about survived the 6 weeks it’d be a good use of my time.


I thought it’d be quiet here today….. but no… It’s wonderful!   Being able to sit here and type on the computer, listening to the radio (rather than Phineas and Ferb or Spy Kids) and without someone screaming in the background, or trying to convince the blue one that I do need to type, and no he can’t  sit and code anything currently (I’m thinking we need another computer!).

I went on a craft workshop – before Christmas  and I’m only now writing about it!  Appalling – but time just doesn’t stand still, and all of a sudden we are in September a whole 9 months later!

So a lino print workshop – I really had no idea what to expect.   It was run by a lady called Kim from Something Wonderful Designs.

She makes some wonderful prints of the local area, and lots of fab bespoke presents too of dates on sheet music, so a great wedding anniversary present!

So what did I make?  The idea was lettering and Christmas cards.  Kim brought lots of books to give us all some ideas – and I’m glad she did because this is where I became completely lost.


I think I am very creative – and I can create with wool, and clay (my GSCE pottery was great – an A for making the items, but the accompanying planning was only a C as I can’t draw!).  I mean I really can’t draw!  I can visualise in my head what things look like, but as soon as I need to put pen or pencil to paper any creativeness leaves me.

I took a long time deciding what to make.  Other ladies in the workshop we well away……


Then I finally (and I’ve missed at least 45 minutes of the workshop deciding), made up my mind!  Do you want to see what I made?

Jolly – I thought bold, and festive!

So writing, carbon paper (remember the old typewriters for multiple sheets), and tracing paper later I was ready to cut.

And its a lot harder than you think!

Then onto the fun bit of ink….. and tiles… and colour choice!

Rollers at the ready…..

And print we did!  I made so many cards, and tags – it was great fun!  We ran out of space to dry things we were all that productive!

The best bit – we all kept out Lino cuts so can reuse them again this year……!







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