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Golf club covers

The blue one plays golf, and has been in a few competitions.  He’s got a set of golf clubs, but they were missing any fancy covers.
“Mummy, can you make me some covers- crochet please” was the request this time.

But he didn’t want plain ones,  oh no, he wanted animals!

So chunky yarn was found from the ever growing stash, about 40 minutes before the next competition to see what I could make!

I went on good old Pinterest (like any normal person) to see what there was – but they were all a little too ‘boring’ for what he had in mind.

Then as usual, after finding something I could use as a base, my yarn was thicker.   It being UK yarn, so not worsted weight – it was chunky which needed a 5.0mm hook, or I could have picked up some DK, and a 4mm hook, but time was not in my side for this route.

So do you want to see what I made?

Yep – I ran out of time!  I have 2 covers for the most important clubs, only one finished ass you can see!

A Lion of course! (Hopefully you can see this is what it should be!)

Not my best work by any means – but fun to make, and the smile on the blue ones face now when he see’s it was worth the rush!


The golf competition went well – with a silver medal for him this time, and luckily for me the sun was shining on this occasion!

Did I finish the other one – I hear you ask?

Well I did……. any guesses as to what it turned into?


Yep – an elephant….. so we now have a jungle of clubs!





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