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It had to be done – a trip to a yarn store while in New York.  I wasn’t planning on going, I hadn’t research at all.   I posted a photo on Instagram and a friend commented that Knitty City and Lion Brand Yarn Studio were worth a visit.  So I googled and found where they were.  Unfortunately Knitty City was where we had been that morning, and we weren’t planning on heading back that way.

Lion Brand Yarn Studio – now hat might be doable when we went to the Highline…. and doable it was!

A small shop on a rather quiet street……. but walls and walls of yarn!

So much yarn everywhere!

There were 2 iMacs set up with Ravelry open on both, a great idea as how many times have you got to the yarn store and forgotten want you needed for a particular pattern!  This also kept the boys amused while I spent a good 10 minutes squishing the yarn!  Just different textures to the UK yarn.

A huge art installation, I can only assume that was what it was!

Another great idea – spools of yarn saying take me!

The lady in the shop said its free, and the trouble they had getting people to tale free yarn was surprising!  We could have borrowed hooks there, but were a bit tight on time with a plane to catch!

So the 3 crocheters chose one each.

I chose the Ice Cream, the blue one this jazzy coloured one.

The pink one went for grey and white – called colour clouds – a lovely squishy yarn.


So I’ve come back and played – I think the ice – cream yarn is lovely.  I did a quick c2c and a granny square.  I definitely  prefer the coloutnchanges with the c2c!

The pink one chained her super squishy cloudy yarn.

The blue one finally mastered corner to corner with his!

A great visit that I’m glad we fitted in!

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