Pictures from the florist

So who wants to see what the very talented Sarah Maylin Flowers did with all those beautiful flowers we bought incredibly early on Thursday morning?  Its Monday morning now and I still feel a bit jet-lagged after our adventure, but I’m so glad I went!

Then when you see these lovely pictures, it was definitely all worth it!  I should add the huge beech arch over the barn was supplied from my front hedge!  It needed pruning anyway, so I offered it to Sarah as an option of not filling my car with green stuff, and getting it pruned a little bit for free – win win for both of us!

The flowers as the place settings are gorgeous, and you can’t beat a sweet pea!  And just the jars and jars of flowers, lots of hydrangeas which are in season now in the UK – stunning.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves now, I think you’ll agree she did an amazing job!




2 thoughts on “Pictures from the florist

  1. Hi, loved the beautiful pictures of the flower arrangement! Some people are blessed with such beautiful talent.
    Was this for a special occasion? Wedding perhaps? Anniversary? The florist did an amazing job!

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