A very early adventure

Now I don’t know about you, but being a grown up – rarely now do I get to do anything new, so when a friend asked my to do something  a little different I jumped at the chance!

It involved setting my alarm to get up at 1.30am, yes, I know, thats pretty early, but I was assured that I needed to be picking my friend up at 2am.   So awoken by the beeping of the alarm I jumped out of bed and started my adventure!

I got in the car at 1.48am, and duly picked up my friend on time.  The adventure involved driving into London…….. and an almost deserted Park Lane!

Arrival time at the destination, and maybe a little clue where we were going.

And then in we walked to the most amazing smelling place I’ve ever been – The New Covent Garden flower Market!

I should add at this point, that my friend is a very talented Florist, and you can find her website here.

Now in my head, I had this dreamy image of the beginning of the film Oliver mixed with My Fair Lady, and a bit of Mary Poppins rolled into one –  where they are all dancing and singing around this wonderful open air location.

So the Market, it was indoor for a start, with lots of florescent lighting!  It was also 3am, and an amazing number of people where pushing numerous trolleys about completely full of flowers!  The number of people increased a lot during our hour and half we were there, but one thing was for sure – we all looked absolutely shattered!

There must have been 10 different ‘shops’ on the floor we went too, and they all had beautiful flowers!  So much choice……..(hence lots of pictures)

Flowers absolutely everywhere you looked!  But we were on a mission, to buy flowers for a wedding on Saturday (and some for me!).

Gorgeous Peonies and smell from the freesia was delightful.

Chrysanthemums and Germini all still stood upright

In season dahlia the size of my hand and sunflowers.


Chrysanthemums in protective nets, and gorgeous roses like I’ve never seen!

So what did we buy?  We bought amazing blooms in pinks and purples.  Lots of wild looking flowers like anemones,  lupins, astrantia, sweet peas, roses and snap dragons to name just a few!

I’m hoping Sarah will share the pictures of the actual arrangements she makes – I think they will be stunning!


By now it was starting to get light (4.45am), and a very strange experience driving around Marble Arch!

I did buy some flowers, and they are proudly sat in vases on my table….. but I’ll share those at a later date, as I want to get more photos!






3 thoughts on “A very early adventure

  1. I LOVE going to the wholesale flower markets!!! Your London one looks alot like the one i used to go to in Sydney, Australia! I can hardly wait to see what was made from all you purchases!!

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