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A baby blanket

It’s day one of the summer holidays and as I sit down to type this post, my children are still fast asleep.  Its 9.25am, and the house is absolutely silent apart from the dishwasher and the washing machine.  Its raining of course.  This is England after all, pretty much guaranteed to rain as soon as the schools break up.

Crochet has been happening, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen I’ve been making a meal out of Scheepjes Whirl – the downfall of designing something yourself!  I’ve also been showing some sneaky pictures of a gift I’ve been making.

It’s come with me to the usual places….. The swimming pools for diving lessons.

The swimming pool for Squad swimming.  Now this one is a bit of a nightmare – 7am on a Sunday morning at the outdoor pool.

When it’s sunny its lovely!  Another interesting fact for you – this same pool is featured in this advert from Boots!

I’m going to digress now, and tell you that all the pool time has paid off, and The Blue one swam in the club champs a couple of weeks ago, and won 3 races in the under 10 category.  A slight technicality on being disqualified for starting on the wrong stroke (he did one arm of front crawl) for butterfly or he would have had a full house!

His swimming teacher said to me afterwards “He’s going to cost you a fortune. It costs loads to get the trophies engraved!”  I’m one proud Mummy!

It came to ballet (where they do make a nice cup of tea!).

And it’s been in the car as my project for when I get somewhere a little early too.

It’s also been worked on in the house…. sat on the sofa!

So – do you want to see what it is?

So – It’s a corner to corner baby blanket!  Made using Scheepjes Colour Crafter in black (Ede) and white (Weert).

Now this yarn is super duper squishy.  I am usually a Stylecraft Special DK kind of girl, but the white just isn’t nice.  I find it tends to be a bit see through (do you remember the problems I had with my husbands Chevron blanket!).  I needed a new white.  There was a lady at ballet who was using colour crafter (I think I started a trend of crocheting while waiting for the pink one to dance), so I asked her if I could “feel her wool”.  I chose my words very carefully as it could have easily been turned into a rude question (if you know what I mean).  Well it felt lovely – so I ordered some online, and then could get making.

A 4mm hook, and 3 rows of each colour, making sure I finished the last bit if each stitch with the new colour.

Then a border in a teal of 4 rows HDC, and this was Stylecraft as it’s what I had in my draw!

It was all packed up, and delivered to the lady in question last week, who is due to have her baby boy late August I think.  She chose the colours, which are perfect as babies only see in black and white for the first 3 months!  She said it was her first gift for the baby, and wasn’t going to open it as she’s a bit superstitious, but then I  got a message a the weekend saying she has opened it and “Thank you so much for the adorable blanket, I adore it! I can’t imagine how many hours you put into it.”

Do you like my wrapping?  It’s my new favourite, brown paper from a florist, and then a simple pom pom!

So I can finally type this post up……. What do you think?

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