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Teaching crochet… the kids

I love teaching people to crochet.  The absolute joy when someone finally “gets it”, and then gets as addicted as I am just can’t be matched.


I have huge news, I taught the pink one to crochet this week!  She’s still only 6, and a big challenge is that she’s left handed, and me being her mum, she doesn’t really listen to me, and hardly ever follows instructions…… but baring all of that – we did it!

Check her her dirty little finger too!  She just asked  “Mummy can you teach me to crochet?”, so I tried.

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried before, and failed miserably.  It took the blue one 3 attempts to get it, and it’s only as I type this up I haven’t shared that he’s now a full fledged crocheter.

So here are a few pictures giving him the credit he deserves too (and it’s only as I look back at these that I see how big he’s grown…….)


He even started taking granny square orders at school!

So, back to the pink one,   She did it!!!!! Well she can chain, and we’re working on a granny square too!

With their new found skills, they decided to attempt to break the world record for the longest crochet chain….. so off they set.  Both with hooks and yarn raided from my stash, and for the next 4 days, that was all they did! (note I say did…. of course they’ve got distracted and now we just have hooks and yarn all over the house – even more than with 1 crocheter!)

They took it everywhere, to school, to do while the other one was swimming.  At this point I asked them, how long is the longest chain world record.  The blue one went onto google and discovered, its 130 kilometres long!!!!!  So they measured there chain, and discovered its about 50M long………. I think they have some way to go!

I’m so so so proud of both of them, well done blue one and pink one!


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  1. Thank you…..It did take a few attempts with both of them….. and wait until they are interested too!

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