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Surprise Birthday trip

I’ve been really quiet lately, not for the want of not typing, but that I’ve been so so busy.  Crochet is still ongoing all day every day! My Instagram is a really good place to see what I’m up to, on a day to day basis, as sometimes the inspiration for a blog post takes a while to come!

This is a quick photo tour of a couple of months ago now when I had a surprise trip to Dubai for my birthday, it was wonderful!

I’d said years ago to my husband that I didn’t want to be in the UK for my next big birthday – it’s in March, it’s always cold and dark, and I’m longing for some sunshine and heat away from the UK winter every time!

True to form he listened, and surprised us all!  We stayed at the Jumeriah Beach hotel, the iconic wave hotel.  Which  we’d stayed at pre-children in 2003!  It was great to see what was different and that was the same still!

We had a superb view of the Burj Al-Arab from the room.

And the gulf sunsets are amazing!

From the balcony we had a view of Downtown Dubai.


For the big days itself, we went to see the Tallest Tower in the world – the Burj Kalefa (The tall one in the middle above).

Then we went shopping, and of course, Yarn was not far from my thoughts…….. in a Chinese supermarket of all places!

What did I do to relax?  Well – Crochet of course!  I started making a string bag with the yarn I’d bought ages ago at the Handmade fair!

The last day called for handstands on the beach – naturally!

Thank you for a wonderful surprise trip!





2 thoughts on “Surprise Birthday trip

  1. What a lucky lady to be flown away for your birthday! It looks spectacular! That last photo of the Blue One doing a hand stand ib front of the Burj Al Arab is great!

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