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I’ve never really been a fan of Mandalas or doilies as us British people tend to call them until……… I started seeing these amazing mandalas all over the place on instagram.  I was going on another very long plane trip, and thought I’d have a go.  Now the problem with this is that you can’t take scissors on a plane to cut the yarn.  So I used one of the balls that mandala queen, Louise over at Red Haired Amazona Crochets had kindly sent me as a birthday present.  She’d used exactly the same yarn to make one of her own designs, so I thought, hey, I’ll do that one too!

So, sat on BA plane, bound for Thailand I started (aided by a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc in a plastic cup!)

It looked really pretty, and helped pass an hour or so.  Then it came with me to the pool, and was worked on when I fancied crochet rather than swimming, lounging or reading!

It came to the beach too!

And to the bar!

and then back to the pool!

I’ll be honest, I loved the middle of the mandala, the pink and green were beautiful, but the outside went a tad too peach and grey and brown for my liking.  It needed some serious blocking too!

So it came all the way back to the UK, and sat in bag, unloved, and untouched for a month – poor mandala.

Then…….. I got some other yarn, Sheepjes Catona….. and I  can tell you I love this yarn!

I needed to make another mandala – quick as this yarn was just calling out to me!  So I went back to Louises’ blog and found another quick one.

Lots of ends later…… oh – BTW – note the needle – they have changed my life!  So easy to thread, and perfect for any yarn, thick or thin!

So I made this lovely little one, It looked a bit Spanish to begin with, then I added lots of blue!


I don’t really do blocking, but these definitely needed it, so I grabbed my garden kneeling pad (hence it’s so bashed up), and actually blocked them!

I still need to add some beads to the one above, but….., blocking is are complete, and looking very pretty!

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