Glass workshop

I went on this brilliant workshop a couple of weeks ago, designing, cutting and making glass pendants.

I’m not really one for jewellery, but thought I’d make one for my mum (read a bit further on!).

The workshop was held by Vivien Dent Glass.

We had so much choice!  First we had to get to grips with cutting the glass (and not ourselves!), it was trickier that it looked!

We used Dichroic glass, and it didn’t look like what it might end up looking like after it was fired, so Vivien had made these great marker sticks to help us choose.

Choosing the glass was the hardest thing.  So much choice of of lovely colours and different patterns.  I’d originally thought of making a purple and aqua coloured one for my mum.  So of course, ended end making a gold and orangey coloured one as the glass was just too pretty!  I used clear glass on this one as the top coat.


Next an aqua, and purple one……

At the last minute I decided to use some glass with specks on the top coat.

Vivien took them all home, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and, and put them in the kiln for us.

All lined up….. they looked amazing before the temperature did its work!

She sent us this very teasing picture…..


Want to see what they turned out like? Go on then…………

So the reason I went to make one for my Mum, well I’m keeping these 2, and she’s coming on another workshop with me at The Makers’ Cabin to make her own one! So I’ll share those when we’ve been in June!

I took some photos of  of what the others ladies made too…. They are all stunning!  I love this craft!   Thanks to Vivien for the workshop too.

2 thoughts on “Glass workshop

    1. Thank you – they were so much fun to make. I think your sea glass idea could be amazing! I’d love to see the results if you ever do it?

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