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Spiral Rose Hair Bobbles

I’m super lucky to have a little girl, and even luckier that she is a proper girly girl!    Remember the cloche hats, she still loves them, and they were a proper excuse for me to make things pink and flowery for her!

She’s just learnt how to do a ponytail herself, so I thought I’d help her out by making some pretty hair bobbles.

Using my new design book from the blue one, I set about designing.

You will need:

Cotton, I used Mornington 8Ply from my BBB for the one I’ve photographed step by step

Appropriate sized crochet hook, 3.5mm



hair bobble.

(above uses the wonderful Yarnart Begonia that the little cloche hats use, but in this fab variegated unicorn colours, and a size 2.25mm hook – perfect size for bunchies)

US Terms used

Make a slip knot.  5SC onto the hair band. (Insert your hook trough the centre of the hairband, then pull the yarn back through.  You will have 2 loops on your hook now, Yarn over, and pull through the 2 loops making 1 Single Crochet (SC)).

Now chain 10.

It should look like this!

Turn you work, and in the 2nd chain from the hook, make 2 SC, and in every stitch until the end of the 5 SC.  (28 SC in total).

Turn you work, Chain 3, and make 1 DC in the same stitch.  Then make 2 DC in every stitch (55 DC + 1 CH 3).  Finish off leaving an end about 9 inches long to sew it together.

You should have something like this that wants to curl!  Taking the end not attached to the hairband, twist it round in circles, until you end up with a spiral flower.

Using your needle, sew the flower together, ensuring you sew both the top (the DC row) and the bottom (SC row).  Then use the thread from the slip knot to sew the back of the flower together, again ensuring the DC, and SC rows are secure.  Finish the ends off.

There you have it – a quick and easy way to make hair bobbles pretty for any little pink one!  The are pretty addictive…….. I only designed this yesterday, and already they seem to be multiplying in my house!  If you make any – I’d love to see them!

I’d love for you to Pin this for later over on Pinterest – here is a handy Pin ready for you.

Free crochet flower hair bobbles/ ties any little girl would love.  This is a free tutorial over on my my blog, showing how to attach the yarn, and how to make a rose.  #freepattern #freecrochetpattern
free crochet hair bobble / tie flower tutorial.  How to make a crochet hair bobble - full picture tutorial

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